Are Cloth Masks a Safe Alternative?

Initially, face masks were in short supply around the world. This led to a lot of people looking for different alternatives to ensure that they’re safe and in compliance with the COVID-19 SOPs that have been enforced for public safety.

Eventually, many people started using cloth face masks as an alternative.

Even though protective masks are now accessible in variety, many people still use cloth masks, for many different reasons. Some of them include the fact that cloth masks are reusable and comfy. Additionally, over the past few months, the numbers of discarded, one-time use masks has grown alarmingly and contributed to the carbon waste in the world.

All of this has given rise to the question, are cloth masks a safe alternative? Let’s take a closer look at it here.

They Are Safe

The World Health Organization has recognized reusable cloth masks as a safe alternative. However, this only relates to cloth masks that are made with medical and surgical grade usage in mind. Not all cloth is safe for use and certain cloth masks are only meant as deterrents in pollution.

If the cloth masks are medical grade, it means that they are strong enough to be worn for the prevention of COVID-19. It’s a good idea to pay attention to this factor when you are getting cloth face masks for yourself.

Do Not DIY

When it comes to cloth face masks, it is important to make sure that you do not DIY them at home using the wrong material. Even though reliable patterns are available for masks, you have to make sure that you have the right cloth materials. Bandanas, scarves and head gear do not make a good alternative as they are usually made from materials that are too porous.

The main aim of a face mask is to prevent the transfer of bacteria in the form of water droplets. That’s why it is a good idea to buy your face masks from a professional who can ensure that you will have the best quality face masks.

Practice Safe Handling

Even with reusable face masks, you have to make sure that you still practice safe handling; otherwise, there is no point of wearing a face mask. Some things you should remember are:

  • Always Wash Hands – Make sure you always wash your hands before you put on the face mask and after you take it off. This is done to make sure that you avoid transferring any germs to your mask.
  • Do not Touch the Mask When Wearing It – Avoid touching the front of the mask when you are wearing it to avoid getting any germs on to it.
  • Wash Your Mask Immediately – Since it’s a cloth mask, make sure that you wash it as soon as possible.

By paying attention to these, you can use cloth face masks as conveniently as possible without any worries.

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