Best Pandemic Friendly Business Ideas—Start Earning From Home

COVID-19 has shaken the world from its core. Many people have lost their jobs while others are working from home until the COVID-19 situation is under control. All this has led to a great turmoil and has made people question ‘what’s next?’

This is indeed a challenging time for us, but how you view and tackle the uncertainty can make a huge difference in your today and tomorrow. Instead of viewing pandemic as the reason for your downfall, see it as a huge opportunity to realize your aspiration to become an entrepreneur. Instead of letting employment take a toll on you, use it as a chance to start your own business and build equity from home. Besides, it doesn’t require a huge upfront investment. But you might question where to begin. Read on to learn some of the best pandemic friendly business ideas.

Business Idea#1—Set up your online tutoring classes or an agency

Did you know that approximately 1.716 billion students have been affected by the pandemic? Studies show that almost 99.4 percent of the global student population is suffering as it has stopped them from continuing their studies. To continue their studies, students need online tutoring classes to progress and move forward. 

If you have been associated with the educational sector or qualified enough to teach professionally, then kick-start your earnings from home by setting up video tutoring classes or an agency. Launch a virtual tutoring agency by:

  • Defining your skills in different subjects
  • Demographics such as the age group that you want to teach. For example, do you want to cater to your online tutoring services to elementary students, high school students preparing for the ACT and SAT or college students?

Business Idea#2 –Fitness and Wellness Training

Due to COVID-19, people can’t hit the gym. Besides this, since it’s something novel, many people suffer from anxiety, depression, drinking more alcohol, and eating unhealthy. All this is likely to adversely impact their health and wellness.

In such a situation, people need motivation and quality fitness and wellness content that can inspire them to stay positive and fit. Hence, the second business idea we’d like to pitch is to start a fitness and wellness blogging business. Or even better, if you love and do fitness training, then why not leverage on it and start online classes? 

You can either make workout routine videos or conduct online workout routine sessions live where people can enjoy and interact with you.

All you have to do is order some quality fitness equipment to create a setup at home. Besides these services, you can also provide personalized workouts and diets or even wellness tips and ways to fight stress. All of these are great ways to establish a sustaining business while earning from your home.

Business Idea#3 – App Development Agency

As business owners across industries look for ways to efficiently connect with their customers, the timing for launching your app development agency couldn’t be any better. Combine your industry experience, knowledge and skills in app development to start building your equity and reputation. Create a website and social media page of your app development agency and start taking orders.  Not only do business owners need applications to survive this pandemic but also to grow in the future. 

So, use these pandemic friendly business ideas to your advantage and start earning from the comfort of your home. Remember, leverage the time you have during this pandemic to build an opportunity instead of letting it decide your future!

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