Different Types of Personal Protective Equipment for Everyday Use

In the wake of the current pandemic, online stores and markets have flooded with different types of personal protective equipment (PPE). However, it is important to understand that not all PPEs are the same. They are designed for different purposes, which means it is essential to choose the right kind of PPE to stay safe and stop the spread of the virus.

Different Types of PPE

If you are struggling to decide what type of PPE would be ideal for everyday use, check out the top three PPEs that are the most effective against COVID-19 and a feasible option for everyday use.

1. Protective Face Mask – Preferred PPE for Everyday Use

Protective face masks are an absolute must. It is the first line of defense against the spread of the virus. Generally, face masks are recommended to people who are already infected to keep the virus from spreading. However, COVID-19 is unique in a way that it can be transmitted before the symptoms actually start appearing.

In other words, a seemingly healthy individual may be affected and spreading the virus without knowing. This makes it essential to keep your mask on every time you head out of the house.  The best thing about basic PPE is that it looks great and can help you stay on top of your fashion game. The trick is to choose the right mask that can double as a fashion accessory!

2. Face Shield – Highly Effective but Uncomfortable PPE

Touching your face frequently increases the risk of infection. While you may not have noticed it, everyone touches their face many times throughout the day. We are so used to it that we do it without realizing.

Luckily, face shields offer protection to the wearer in this regard. When you have a face shield on, it acts as a reminder to keep your hands away from the face, acting as a barrier between the fingers and the nose or mouth. This PPE also provides additional protection, making sure that infected droplets never come in contact with your skin.

The only problem is that wearing a face shield for a long time can be uncomfortable and frustrating. This is why it is generally not the first choice for everyday use. However, it is advisable to use a face shield if you are in a crowded place where social distancing is not possible.

3. Hand Gloves – Optional PPE for Advanced Protection

Hand gloves are a kind of PPE that provides broad barrier protection. It is generally recommended for individuals who may come in contact with the virus or may be involved in the direct care of a sick person. Wearing hand gloves is not necessary as long as you keep your hands away from your face and wash them frequently. However, you can wear this kind of PPE for advanced protection if required.      

The Bottom Line

The final verdict goes in favor of the protective mask. It is the best type of PPE for everyday use. However, make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of the mask. The best approach is to get chic and stylish 3-ply protective masks with intriguing designs that will not only help stop the spread of the virus but also upgrade your fashion game!

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