Do protective masks really prevent viruses?

Over the years, various circumstances have made it necessary for people to wear protective face masks. While the most common scenario currently is the COVID-19, in the past outbreaks of swine flu or even exposure to poor air quality such as smog could be minimized and properly dealt with by using a face mask.

Unfortunately, wearing face masks has become a matter of contention particularly in the U.S. where it has led to restaurants and other establishments requiring a face mask from patrons. While most people claim that the mask is not a necessity and does not stop the spread of viruses, there is data available which negates these claims.

Studies on Wearing Face Masks

Over the years, scientists and researchers have studied the spread of viruses with and without the presence of masks. Excluding current circumstances, a study in 2013 focused on the spread of influenza and how masks could limit it. The data showcased that with the help of protective face masks, the spread of the virus was minimized by three fold.

In another study in 2015, researchers in Japan studied thousands of Japanese school children and discovered that while vaccination helps to build immunity to influenza, wearing face masks further reduced the risk of developing influenza.

What’s interesting to note is that protective face masks have been proven to be instrumental in preventing the spread of airborne viruses and pathogens all across the world. So, if you’re still wondering whether face masks prevent the spread of virus or not, the answer is yes.

It is necessary because it prevents the spread of viruses, particularly those that spread through airborne exposure.

Recommended By Experts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) specially recommends wearing protective masks, exercising proper hygiene methods and practicing social distancing in order to reduce exposure and spread of viruses. All of these measures have been found to be particularly effective against COVID-19 especially since there is no vaccine available for it.

With face masks, the risk and contamination of the COVID-19 and other viruses in the future can be effectively contained. With the COVID-19, flattening the curve is a necessity given how the healthcare facilities are already overwhelmed with the number of cases.

Given all these factors, it is easy to see that protective face masks can prevent the spread of viruses on a micro and macro level.

Protective Face Masks Don’t Have to Be Dull

One issue that people might have with using protective face masks is how dull they appear to at times. Most are in green, white or black colors and while these are perfect for protection, wearing them all day can become easily annoying.

If you are looking for high-quality, protective face masks check out the collection. A French brand, Lundybright offers amazing medical grade face masks that are not only fashionable but are also effective. They’re made from the best materials and you can order either from their website or shop with the Amazon store.

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