How Lundybright is Growing B2B Commerce?

Lundybright is an established name in e-commerce and the professional & protective equipment and products industry. However, where many businesses have come to a standstill or experiencing demand and supply shortages due to the ongoing global pandemic crisis, Lundybright is dealing with it responsively.

We are quickly adopting new processes and technologies to ensure that our B2B and B2C clients enjoy access to quality products without any disruption, exception, or shortage. As B2C and B2B businesses are becoming increasingly similar in promoting themselves and building brand awareness, Lundybright is focused on catering to both models efficiently. We are looking for new partnerships and strengthening existing ones to redefine customer experiences.

Lundybright extends its products to a wide range of retailers, medical healthcare professionals, facilities, distributors, dealers and directly to customers. To address the exponential demand for medical and disposable protective three-layer mask products while ensuring top quality, Lundybright has taken the following measures:

Increased Production

Businesses are actively partnering with Lundybright to meet their increasing demand for protective equipment and gear like medical masks. Lundybright is your true partner because, in only three months, we have remodeled our production chain completely, thereby increasing our production capacity of medical and protective three layers mask up to five million weekly. It helps us ensure that large quantities of products are available to our B2B partners and our B2C customers in Europe and worldwide.

Warehouse in the EU

To cater to B2B clients with greater efficiency, Lundybright is proud to announce that we now have a new Europe warehouse. This warehouse has proved to be a valuable investment, already achieving the goal as intended. We have opened a new warehouse in Europe because increasing production is merely not enough; accessibility to and distribution of those products smoothly and efficiently is crucial for B2B success.  

CE Certified

Another great benefit that our B2B clients enjoy is the fact that we are CE certified. We hold BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) and PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) certifications. As our products bear the CE certification, they can be traded in the European Economic Area (EEA) without restriction, thereby catering to and penetrating new markets. 

Besides this, the CE mark is proof that we manufacture our products according to safety, health and environmental protection requirements. Consumers enjoy the same level of health, safety, and environmental protection throughout EEA. 

Strictly Controlled Plants

All protective masks and other products that we produce and manufacture are made conformance to the European Union standards for optimum effectiveness. Additionally, our B2B clients can trust their investment in our products because all our products are made in our strictly controlled and authorized plants. We continue to run regular quality control checks of our plants to ensure all mandatory regulations are followed. 

We continue to build more partnerships with a variety of B2B clients including retailers, facilities, dealers and distributors, to cater to their in-house needs and needs of their customers. 

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