Help your child adjust to wearing a mask

While wearing a mask is an essential preventative measure, we can all agree that it can take some time to get used to it. It is easier for adults to adjust to masks as we understand the significance of wearing them. Children, however, are a completely different story. They take off their masks if they get hot, uncomfortable or tired of wearing it.

So, what can parents and teachers do to help children adjust to masks quickly and wear them the right way? Let’s find out!

Tips to Help Children Adjust to Masks

Here are seven tips to help children adjust to masks quickly and seamlessly.   

1. Explain Why They Need to Wear a Mask

The child must understand why they need to wear a mask. Explain to them what a mask is and how it can protect them and the people around them. Answer their questions in detail to help encourage them to wear a mask.

2. The Fit Matters the Most

Make sure that the mask fits them properly. It can be extremely annoying to wear a loose mask. Plus, if the mask is loose, it will keep falling and you don’t want that. It is advisable to buy customized, small-size masks for children if required.  

3. Get Masks with Ear Loops

The type of mask you get for your child can make a huge difference. Opt for masks with ear loops instead of ties. Children find it easier to wear masks with ear loops. On the other hand, tying a mask may seem like a chore and they may avoid wearing the mask because of it.

4. Validate their Feelings

We know that adjusting to masks can take time. Therefore, dismissing a child’s complaints or feelings regarding wearing a mask won’t help. Avoid saying things like, “Come on, it’s not that bad,” or “What’s the big deal!” Instead, acknowledge their feelings. Tell them you understand it can be challenging and reiterate why they need to wear a mask.    

5. Be a Good Role Model

Children do what they see. So, make sure you act as the perfect role model for them. Wear your mask whenever you go out and keep it on. They will follow suit in no time!

6. Get Personalized Masks

Get a personalized mask for your child, or better yet – let them personalize it. You can get masks in bright colors or appealing designs or cartoon characters for younger children. Pre-teens may prefer Pop Art masks and even wear them as a fashion accessory.  

7. Be Loving and Patient

This is perhaps the most important tip if you want to help children adjust to masks. Forcing a child to keep the mask on or getting annoyed every time they fail to do so is not going to help. Such behavior will only cause them to stress out and strain your relationship. Therefore, make sure you are patient, loving, and encouraging.

The Bottom Line

Adjusting to masks can be hard for children, but it is not impossible. Wearing a mask is extremely important, which is why you must help your child get used to it. Follow the tips mentioned above and make the process as fun as possible to help children adjust to masks in no time!

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