Lundybright—A Crucial B2B Strategy Shift to Bridge the Increasing Product Demand

COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the global Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) market by soaring the demand for protective equipment worldwide. Personal Protective Equipment like face masks are crucial to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and from cross-infection. Thus, PPE is in massive demand by consumers and frontline workers worldwide.

As the demand continues to increase, the supply shortage is inevitable unless businesses strategize smartly and quickly to bridge the demand and supply gap, and that’s precisely what Lundybright has accomplished.

A Crucial and Timely Strategy Shift

Although being in the mainstream PPE business, the demand for face masks in B2B and B2C sectors has never been so high. Thus, Lundybright shifted its strategy responsively without any delay after understanding the surge in demand for medical and protective three layers of masks. 

From production increase to strict quality measures and handling of the products, we focused on adapting and adjusting our production process to meet the ongoing demand and supply needs. Since we realized that prevention is the new normal and a lifestyle, we took immediate action.

In just three months, we remodeled our production chain. We invested everything to increase the capacity of the production and supply of protective face masks. To be precise, we increased the production capacity weekly by five million. As a result, many businesses would see this as a huge risk, but it was more important to focus on what was urgent and required. 

We continue to produce and supply protective equipment to businesses, distributors, and retails to ensure client and customer safety while preventing the risk of spreading COVID-19. Put simply, the shift in strategy was not only necessary but organic. 

Furthermore, we introduced even more stringent quality control measures than before. Our factory environment is a non-dust environment and registered as a medical factory. All workers and production lines follow strict procedures. 

Unlike others, the rise in demand does not indicate a quality compromise for us. We continue to ensure that the consistency of each product in each batch is top-notch since that is what we are renowned for. To ensure this, we have implemented:

  • Nine rigorous quality steps
  • Greater than 95 percent Bacterial filtration efficiency
  • Six independent and different parties to be involved in our quality control process
  • Sample testing of three to six units per lot

Also, for quick and easy access to these products, we opened a new EU warehouse. This warehouse has and is still serving as a significant asset in the fast and smooth distribution of protective equipment.

Our goal is to help consumers, whether they are businesses or individuals, to access protective equipment with the utmost ease. For more information or to browse our PPE range, visit our website.

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