Makeup Tips When Wearing a Face Mask

When we first started wearing protective face masks, most people did not realize that they will become an integral part of our daily routine. Now that the world is adapting to wearing them, it only makes sense to upgrade our beauty regime  and learn how to do makeup & look fabulous while wearing a mask. Sure, masks cover half of the face. Regardless, a little bit of makeup can make a big difference in your overall appearance!   

A Pro’s Guide on How to do Makeup While Wearing a Mask

Wondering how to actually do your makeup while wearing a mask? Here are a few pro tips that will help you make sure you stay safe, healthy, while being on top of your makeup game!

1. Skincare is Essential

It is essential to upgrade the skincare regimen to avoid breakouts and skin irritation due to wearing a mask for long periods. It is best to steer clear of heavy-duty scrubs and exfoliants. It is also a good idea to avoid heavy creams that may cause clogged pores. Instead, opt for hydrating toners, gentle cleansers, and gel moisturizers.   

2. Sun Screen Wanted

You don’t want tan lines on your face in the shape of a mask. So, whatever you do, don’t forget to put on sunscreen! This is especially important if you plan on spending time outdoors. Plus, using an SPF formula will protect the skin against the harmful UV rays, preventing early signs of aging.   

3. Opt for a Light Foundation

It is best to go foundation-free under the mask. However, if you must apply foundation, make sure you stick to a lightweight formula. Just like heavy creams, heavy foundations can also cause clogging. Once you have applied the foundation, blot it lightly to remove the top layer that is likely to rub off against the inner side of your mask. Another option is to apply foundation only on exposed areas of the face.  

4. Get a Good Primer

If you plan on wearing makeup under the mask, then the first thing you need to do is get hold of a good primer. It will help set the makeup, making sure it doesn’t rub off against the mask. As a result, the longevity of the makeup will increase and you can look on-fleek all day long!  

5. Focus on the Eye Makeup

As masks cover the lower part of the face, it only makes sense to use makeup to bring out the most prominent feature of the upper part – the eyes. You can use shimmery eyeshadows or highlighters to draw attention to your eyes. Also, don’t forget to curl your lashes and apply mascara!

6. Use a Concealer to Cover those Bags Under Your Eyes

Another idea is to use a concealer, one or two shades lighter than your skin tone, bring focus to your eyes. Apply the concealer under your eyes in the shape of inverted triangles. It will help cover the eye bags and give you a refreshing look.

The Bottom Line

Many people don’t see the need to do makeup while wearing a mask. However, it can make a big difference and keep you looking on-fleek throughout the day. Now that you know how to do makeup & look fabulous while wearing a mask, you can up your fashion game and rock any look with your mask!

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