Masks as Everyday Accessories – How East Asia did it First

Since wearing protective face masks is becoming the norm worldwide, it’s a good idea to embrace it instead of fight against it. These masks are crucial to preventing the spread of the COVID-19 and since a vaccine doesn’t seem to be coming out anytime soon, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Luckily, there’s definitely been a change in the way people perceive protective face masks. Apart from considering it a necessity, many are embracing it as a fashion accessory. What’s interesting to note is that face masks have already been considered a fashion accessory, especially in East Asian countries like South Korea since 2009.

So, let’s take a look at how and why East Asian countries make use of face masks on a daily basis!

1. It’s a Fashion Accessory

Masks became a teenage fashion trend in South Korea since 2009. This all started when a member from a K-Pop band, namely Big Bang wore a face mask with graphic teeth on it. As a result, all the cool kids ended up wearing it. Eventually, the social media influencers in Korea, known as ulzaangs started using the mask for their fashion looks.

By the late 2000’s, Koreans had incorporated the mask into their daily looks. It served more than a functional purpose and was an accessory for their outfits. Moreover, Korean fashion brands evolved to have face masks in various patterns, designs and colors to accommodate this need.

2. It’s Perfect for a Bad Skin Day

In East Asia, particularly South Korea and Japan, wearing a face mask is also perfect for covering up blemishes on the skin. Whether one is having an acne outbreak or just not in the mood for putting on makeup, the face mask became a convenient accessory to use in this case.

East Asian cultures also do not consider it rude or unorthodox when someone makes use of a face mask in this manner. Since a lot of importance is placed on appearance, a person appearing without proper makeup or with blemishes on skin is actually something that is judged more. Additionally wearing a face mask gives maximum protection to sensitive skin from dirty hands and pollutants in the environment.  

3. It’s a Necessity

South Korea, Japan and other East Asian countries are known to have very bad air quality. On some days, the smog they experience can be so heavy that it completely ruins visibility. Having to be out and about in this weather makes face masks a necessity for them.

Additionally, smog days are not a rarity and occur quite frequently. Given the bad air quality, a face mask is perfect for protection from the pollutants in the environment. On most days, even people who have respiratory problems benefit from wearing face masks.

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