Most to Least Effective Masks for Blocking Virus Particles

There’s no denying that wearing a mask is essential to stop the spread of the virus and battle the current pandemic. However, not every mask is the same. From the number of layers to the type of materials used, everything impacts the effectiveness of a mask. This brings us to an important question – are you wearing the right mask and how effective it is at blocking virus particles? Let’s find out!

Most to Least Effective Masks

Research suggests that some masks are more effective at blocking virus particles than others. On the other hand, wearing some masks is worse than wearing no mask at all! Scroll down to take a look at most to least effective masks and to make sure you pick the right mask for you and your family!

1. Surgical N95 Masks

Surgical N95 is a medical-grade mask that is manufactured according to meet the surgical standards. It offers very tight seal around the face and provides the best protection. They are also used in many East Asian countries an anti-pollution masks for PM 2.5 particles. However, at this trying time,  these kinds of masks are reserved for health-care professionals working on the front line.  

2. 3-Ply Protective Masks

Next in line are the simple 3-ply protective masks. These masks are highly effective at blocking virus particles. While they are less expensive than surgical N95 masks, they are more comfortable to wear! The good news is that these masks are now available in various colors and designs. Pop Art Masks are particularly popular in the fashion industry right now!  

3. Cotton Masks

Cotton masks are also widely available in the market. They offer some protection. However, they are not as effective as 3-ply protective masks. If you must wear a cotton mask, make sure you use multiple layers to increase its effectiveness. It is better to wear a cotton mask than going around without wearing any mask.

4. Bandanas

Many people use bandanas as a face covering instead of using a proper mask. Bandanas are generally considered non-effective. However, it is still better to use a bandana to cover the nose and the mouth than wearing no mask at all.

5. Knitted Masks

Knitted masks are ineffective at blocking virus particles. In other words, wearing a knitted mask offers zero protection. It is as good as wearing no mask at all! Therefore, it is advisable to avoid these masks and opt for high-quality masks, such as 3-ply protective masks.  

6. Fleece Mask

Using a fleece mask as a face covering is actually worse than wearing no mask at all. This is because fleece face coverings break up respiratory droplets instead of blocking them. As a result, a larger number of droplets are released into the air. Plus, these droplets stay airborne for longer than usual. Fleece masks are actually counterproductive and must be avoided at all costs.  

The Final Verdict – Which Mask Is the Best?

Considering all, it is safe to say that 3-ply protective masks are the best option for the general public. These masks are highly affordable and easily available in the market. You can also order chic and fashionable 3-ply protective masks online. Now that you know about most to least effective masks, you can easily choose the right mask to battle this pandemic in style!

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