6 Myths and facts about masks. Get informed!

As wearing a mask is now compulsory in most places, all sorts of misconceptions and myths about masks are making rounds. Let’s check some facts to bust misleading myths about masks!

Myth# 1 – Masks Can Lead to Inhaling Carbon Dioxide

 Many people believe that masks trap the carbon dioxide released during exhaling, forcing you to breathe it in again. This is not true. Even the most well-fitted masks are designed to offer airflow, making it impossible to trap carbon dioxide. However, children under the age of two, people with breathing problems, and individuals who may be unable to remove the mask on their own should avoid wearing one.

Myth# 2 – There Is No Incorrect Way to Wear a Mask

While wearing a mask is important, it won’t be effective if you don’t wear it the right way. So, if you think you can wear the mask any way you like, you are mistaken. The mask should cover your nose and mouth. It should fit snugly around the face with no gaps or loose sides.  

Myth#3 – Only Affected People Should Wear a Mask

Let’s get this straight – everyone should wear a mask. Whether you have any symptoms or not, it is essential to put on your mask every time you head out of the house! If you feel sick and live with other people, it is advisable to wear your mask even inside the home.

Myth# 4 – Wearing a Mask Is Enough to Protect Against the Virus

Wearing a mask is a highly effective preventative measure. However, it’s not the only one. Along with wearing a mask, you should also follow other specified guidelines. Maintain social distancing, keep a distance of at least six feet when meeting people, wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching your face.   

Myth# 5 – People Who Have Recovered Do Not Need to Wear Mask  

So, you experienced the symptoms and have made a full recovery. Do you still need to wear a mask? Absolutely! As stated above, everyone should wear a mask. This is because, at this point, it is still unclear whether getting the virus once provides immunity. So, don’t throw away your mask just yet – it is always better to be safe than sorry!      

Myth# 6 – People Will Stop Wearing Mask Once the Threat of the Pandemic Is Over

It is highly unlikely that people will throw away their masks for good once the pandemic is over. This is because most people have accepted masks as part of a safe and healthy lifestyle. The world of fashion has also embraced masks. Revolutionary fashion brands, such as the French brand, Lundybright, have are introducing chic and stylish collections of masks that can help people stay safe while looking their best. Considering all, we can rest assured that masks are here to stay.

These are some baseless myths about masks. Make sure you wear your mask as intended and don’t fall for false information. Buy a mask today to protect yourself and protect others!

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