Future of Protective Masks – Will Face Masks Become An Ongoing Trend?

Since the spread of the pandemic made wearing medical grade face masks a necessity, there has been a unique reaction from the population. While for many East Asian countries, wearing a face mask in public is a norm and an accepted fashion accessory, in other countries, face masks were something that only medical professionals wore.

And while social distancing is a necessity, wearing face masks is one of the only ways that people can move around in public without worrying about infection. Given the fact that it’s been nearly 8 months since the COVID-19 pandemic and there still don’t seem to be signs of a vaccine available to counter it, it’s clear to see that face masks are a necessity at the current moment.

However, it’s not clear whether face masks will become an ongoing trend. What’s interesting is seeing how face masks have evolved from just being a protective item to becoming a fashion accessory:

The Evolution into a Fashion Accessory

It’s clear that for the rest of the world, the use of face masks as a fashion accessory came quite late. In East Asian countries like South Korea, face masks have been used since 2009. While it was a necessity for the poor air quality, a popular Korean band member from Big Bang is touted for inspiring the movement of using face masks as fashion accessories.

When the pandemic hit, it was all too easy for South Korean people to start using face masks. In this aspect, the rest of the world definitely has some catching up to do but more and more people are embracing the use of face masks as a preventative measure and as a fashion accessory.

Moreover, it doesn’t look like face masks will be going out of fashion any time soon. In fact, there’s a shortage of face masks across the world which has prompted designers and other brands to start production of medical grade face masks. The major difference here is that they don’t just have medical grade masks but also offer patterned masks that one can wear with their outfits.

The Future of Protective Face Masks

When it comes to looking at the future of protective face masks, it is clear that they are a necessity and will not be going out of style anytime soon. Even when used as a fashion accessory, these masks function as a protective item.

Additionally, until there is a vaccine or numbers of the COVID-19 pandemic are reduced on a global level, it does not seem like face masks will be dismissed any time soon. So, it’s a good idea to keep wearing them and buying them without any worries.

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