Top 4 WFH Challenges and Healthy Ways to Cope With Them

At times you may have felt like working from home. Well, after all, change is good to keep work exciting. But working away from the office every day can be more challenging than you might have imagined. And that is precisely what we will focus on in this post. Here’s a quick overview of the four work from home challenges and healthy ways to cope with them.

Challenge #1—Staying Motivated

When you work from home continuously and every day, it may become challenging to stay motivated. After all, your home is your comfort zone. Besides this, when you overwork yourself one day, it becomes difficult to work with the same zeal and energy the next day.

But let’s not forget staying motivated even when working from home is equally essential as when you are at the office. Therefore, here’s what you can do to cope with this challenge:

Wake up early and kick-start your day with exercise and healthy breakfast. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body. At the same time, breakfast can give you the energy to work actively and perform better without feeling tired and lazy throughout the day. Also, set a schedule so that you know what tasks to complete first. This will also help you stay focused.

Challenge#2— The Pressure to Perform

It’s a preconceived notion that you will naturally be more productive if you’re working from home. After all, you are not commuting to work, chatting with peers, or going out for lunch. All this saves you time, thus adding to your productivity. And let’s say this pressure to perform better than ever can often get the best of you.

However, even if you avoid distractions at home and focus on the screen, you will still not be productive. Why? This is because to work efficiently, breaks are essential. Breaks increase mental well-being and keep you fresh. It helps you avoid burnout and work with greater efficiency.

So, take breaks and step away from the computer screen. Make sure to block time off on your calendar for breaks so that you know when to stop and relax. While you’re taking a break, engage yourself in quick and healthy activities like breathing exercises, seated yoga or maybe reading. But avoid social media because that will take away all of your time before you know it.

Challenge#3—Team Communication is Hard

For some tasks, you may require spontaneous desk-side brainstorms and impromptu meetings.  Thus, you can wait for hours for what can be a quick in-person response. However, when working from home, this can be a challenge because communicating with everyone at the same time remotely is not easy.

But you can cope with this challenge by deciding on some work from home norms with your team members, like adopt a messaging platform where everyone can chat in real-time about issues as they pop up on their screens or consider conducting video calls.

Challenge#4—You Don’t Know when to Stop Working

As your office is in your home, you may never stop working. And when you overwork yourself, it can suffer your mental and physical health. Besides this, your family may suffer too because they may not get quality time to spend with you and make memories.

Therefore, strive to achieve work-life balance. Make a workspace to create a boundary between work and home. Set a finish time to disengage from work and don’t continue to check and reply to emails, and thus enjoy family time.

Try these healthy ways to cope with WFH challenges and enjoy your time at home while achieving greater efficiency and productivity.

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